• Ronin


    A master of in-your-face combat. Wielding a blade and blaster, Ronin isn’t afraid to get up close and personal with those superheroes for maximum carnage.


    A laid-back, protective, and witty samurai. He knows that by being in front, he’s enabling his friends to be their best too. He loves to set up others for success like that, and that’s the real reason for his bravado.
    Class Bruiser
    Range Close
    Weapon Katana
  • Nomad


    A cool-headed, crack sharpshooter. With her high-powered rifle in hand and network of hacked laser satellites, Nomad will always watch her squad’s backs.


    Nomad may seem cold and disconnected, but she’s really surveying and listening to everything. Though she may not have much to say, she cares deeply for her squad and is watching out for them… through a scope. Her laser satellites will rain down terror on anyone she shoots from high ground.
    Class Sharpshooter
    Range Far
    Weapon DMR
  • Murmur


    A genius mechanic who won’t let you forget it. Murmur prefers to leverage her high tech holograms to confuse and misdirect her enemies, enabling her to attack them when they least expect it.


    Murmur loves the chaos of screaming superheroes. Her gadgets and tech make sure that her victims never see her coming. Leveraging her retrofitted spine and mechanical legs, she prefers to stay mobile in combat for some chaotic fun.
    Class Trickster
    Range Close-Mid
    Weapon Commando SMG
  • Renegade


    The Renegade uses a pump shotgun and has lots of armor. He loves to get up close and personal with his enemies!


    Outwardly, the Renegade is cheerful, laid back, and a real trash talker. He never takes things too seriously, even when problems seem insurmountable. Beneath the unruffled exterior, however, he’s soft-hearted and fiercely protective of his teammates. He would take a bullet for them, and in battle he often does.
    Class Bruiser
    Range Close
    Weapon Sweeper