Winter '22

Early Access Launch

Welcome to Superior’s Early Access! We are launching with a ton of content right out the gate: 5 power sets, 3 playable characters, 40 weapons, 26 mobs, 6 bosses and more! We have a lot planned, and we look forward to making the best game possible with you!

The Growth Update

This update is massive! A whole new alternate earth to explore. New Bosses, New Powers, and new environments. We will also be raising the level cap to level 30, and adding in the new Infamy system!

The Turret Update

Unlock new strategies with deployable turrets, and special augments that allow you to configure completely new builds.

The Melee Update

We have some big plans for taking the melee system to the next level in the core combat loop.

Spring '23

Offworld Update

The hero menace has spread, and it's reach now goes beyond our planet to an abandoned colony world. Team up to face new threats on Offworld.

The Renegade Update

The first new playable character will be added to our roster. “The Renegade” is a close combat bruiser that draws his enemies in with taunt abilities and takes them out with shotguns.

The Jarhead Update

The first new mission to be added to Superior features a new formidable foe! Yes, Jarhead was once a genetically enhanced super soldier and is now just a head in a jar, but don’t be fooled! His telekinetic abilities will put you to the test!

Summer '23

The Doom Room Update

Once a state of the art superhero training facility, the Doom Room has been taken over by a rampant AI, bent on testing the abilities of all who enter!