The Growth Update

A new alternate Earth has been found… and with it, the most challenging superhero yet! Starting today, there’s a brand-new Earth to explore with new bosses, new powers, and new environments. Making it to The Growth will be one challenge, and taking him down will be another. We’re also raising the level cap to level The Growth Update

Superior launches with the Rise of Revolt

Gameplay Challenges New Feature: Branching Paths New Feature: Snacks Characters General Ronin While we enjoyed the power fantasy of Ronin, his damage potential far outclassed his comrades by a staggering amount. We reduced the damage bonuses from many of his damage oriented skills to bring him more in line with Murmur and Nomad. His early Superior launches with the Rise of Revolt

Superior is now in Early Access!

WELCOME TO EARLY ACCESS! Superior has been our labor of love for the last two and a half years, and we’re all tremendously excited to finally get it into your hands today. We have big plans for new features and content that will be added to the game over the coming months, and we look Superior is now in Early Access!