General News

The Growth Update


A new alternate Earth has been found… and with it, the most challenging superhero yet!

Starting today, there’s a brand-new Earth to explore with new bosses, new powers, and new environments. Making it to The Growth will be one challenge, and taking him down will be another.

We’re also raising the level cap to level 30 and adding an Infamy system that lets you build even more powerful characters!

As always, we’ve been hard at work on bugs, balance, and other issues too:

New Megaboss: The Growth!

Just when you thought heroes couldn’t get worse than Revolt, a new baddie appears. Are you up to the task of taking this behemoth down?


  • New Bosses: Overmind and the Growth
  • Aftermath map added to the main story line
  • New Powers: Added Volt and Force Super Weapons
  • Starting level cap raised to 30

New Feature: Infamy

  • Go above and beyond with the Infamy system!
  • When a character reaches max level, you can increase their Infamy ranking, permanently increasing their max level.
  • With Infamy, you can bring your character up to level 50 and explore much more powerful and diverse builds on your character!

Finally, thank you all for your continued support. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for Superior as we continue to build this game. Join our Discord to share your feedback, submit a bug report, or chat with us.