General News

Superior launches with the Rise of Revolt



  • New Content!
    • New boss: Revolt
    • New map: Bunker
    • Added Volt Powers
  • Xeno and Fire powers damage reigned in a little bit
  • Added a deposit all button to the ATM
  • Added base interest rate to the ATM
  • Gig and Goal amounts rebalanced to be more attainable
  • Amount of XP required per level significantly reduced
  • Added hot new music tracks and sound effects


  • Added a kill counter and a timer to the hud during a challenge
  • Challenges are now seeded to help reduce randomness
    • Enemy spawn groups are fixed
    • Objective locations are fixed
    • Powers, Items, and Weapons offered to the players are random
  • Time spent in the bar no longer counts towards your total time. Take your time 🙂

New Feature: Branching Paths

  • After defeating a major boss, the teleportal can be configured to take you to new worlds in need of saving… with an added challenge!

New Feature: Snacks

  • Collects snacks from completing missions. Eat snacks in the bar to gain a temporary boost!
    • One Pound Burrito – Gain +10 Max Health for 3 Encounters
    • Really Hard Hard Tack – Gain +25% Melee Damage for 3 Encounters
    • Brutewurst – Gain +25% Overall damage for 3 Encounters
    • Kaiju Burger – Gain 1 self revive for the rest of the run



  • Added automatic scaling for character’s overall damage scale up to level 30
  • Juicy Surprise now gives a Power Damage Boost Kit instead of a random Power Family booster.


While we enjoyed the power fantasy of Ronin, his damage potential far outclassed his comrades by a staggering amount. We reduced the damage bonuses from many of his damage oriented skills to bring him more in line with Murmur and Nomad. His early tree tankiness was also a bit too much, and could propel a Ronin much further into a run than anticipated. The minor adjustments to Energy Efficient and Energizing Blade will make aggressive players approach situations more tactfully while not robbing him of his tank potential.  

  • Base stats adjusted to 10 Armor and 20 Health
  • Reduced Energy Efficient damage reduction from 75% from 50%
  • Reduced Energizing Blade melee damage bonus from 25% to 15%
  • Reduced In Your Face close damage from 10/20/30% to 3/6/9%
  • Reduced Get In There close damage bonus from 10/15/25% to 2/4/7%
  • Reduced Energizing kills “Overshield” bonus from 5 per close kill from 3


  • Base stats adjusted to 10 Armor and 10 Health
  • Devastate now stuns armored enemies if triggered


Diving in and out of combat and circling around enemies is a fun gameplay loop, but a bit too tricky to pull off for the reward. Fade Away now makes building for flanking much easier while the new Explosive Exit stun gives her a unique CC angle and sets up her enemies devastating backstabs! Quick Recovery in the late tree was a little bit too nutty, allowing players to essentially become immortal. Players can now only stave off the inevitable before having to retreat and catch their breath for a second pass, playing into her more rogue-ish nature.  

  • Base stats decreased to 10 Armor and 15 Health
  • Changed “Backstab” to “Flank” to better indicate what the player has to do to get the bonus.
  • While using Fade Away, all enemies are counted as flanked
  • Reduced Explosive Exit damage
  • Explosive Exit now stuns enemies for 5 seconds
  • Reduced Quick Recovery armor regen amount from 25/35/50% to 10/20/30%
  • Removed the “Mark” from Flatfooted
  • Holo Swarm changed to greatly reduce After Image’s cooldown instead of immediately spawning 5 holograms

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Ice Melee not applying its held attack damage
  • Fix Fire reapplication trigger Hot Burn too often
  • Patched some holes in the world
  • Improved Orbital Laser replication
  • Fixed Murmur’s holograms not replicating their firing animations and not firing as often
  • Fixed crash after loading screen
  • Fixed matchmaking falsely saying all servers were full
  • Optimized the pretty graphics
  • Other misc bug fixes and improvements