General News

The Truly Infamous Update


Infamy Updates

Unlock 10 new skills in the skill tree when you infamy! Diversify your builds with discounted weapons, more snack space, extra rerolls, and more!

New Infamy Skills

  • Rank 1: High Demand – Gain +5 Credits when collecting a juice tank
  • Rank 3: Gut Buster – You can eat +1 snack on the run
  • Rank 5: Bargain Bin – Weapon are 10 Credits cheaper
  • Rank 7: Retrofit – Armor and Health Booster kits give +2 Max Armor and Health respectively
  • Rank 9: Fruits & Veggies – Gain +5 Max Health for each snack you eat on the run
  • Rank 11: Juice Up – Gain +1% Overall Damage each time you inject Juice
  • Rank 13: Coupon Clipper – Items are 5 Credits cheaper
  • Rank 15: Hedge Your Bets – Gain +2 Store Rerolls
  • Rank 17: Ordinance – Start the run with an additional random Tier 2 Weapon
  • Rank 19: Brokerage – The ATM accrues +2% interest. Stacks with other players.

In addition, the Infamy badge has been simplified to better communicate your current infamy level!

Bashing Melee Weapons!

Utilize the destructive power of new Bashing type melee weapons! While slightly lower damage than their Slashing and Cleaving counterparts, Bashing weapons sport innate knockback and pack a serious wallop with their heavy melee swing. Find them today!

  • Kinetic Bat (Nomad’s signature melee)
  • Tenderizer
  • Slammer
  • Wreckoner

Boss Updates


  • Made Wind-up’s proximity mines easier to shoot
  • Added a short delay to Wind-up’s proximity mines detonating when you step into them


  • All Underminds have to be killed before new pustules spawn
  • Overmind’s Fireballs give up homing on the player a little sooner
  • Added HUD feedback when an Overmind Fireball is tracking you
  • Overmind spawns Sticky Exploders instead of Slime Scrap

Other Updates

  • Added a new “Rainbow” emblem for everyone to use
  • Ronin’s Kinetic Energy skill now displays on the HUD when it is active
  • Hero Hit List goals can now be viewed in the objectives tab of the status screen
  • Hero Hit List goals are now sorted based on completion status
  • Reduced Slime Scrap health from 650 to 550
  • Slime Puddles created by Slime Scrap duration increased from 2 seconds to 7 seconds
  • Added a “cleanse slime” goal to help teach the slime scrubber to new players
  • Self-Reviving now has a 2 second cooldown if you cancel your self-revive input
  • Volt disc’s shocking radius reduced from 5m to 3.5m
  • King Bird base damage increased from 56 to 68
  • King Bird magazine capacity increased from 8 to 12
  • Stinger reduced base explosion damage from 210 to 160
  • New Weapon SFX for A.U.T.O Pistol, Buzzkill, Charge Lance, Ranger Magnum, Commando SMG, and Energizer
  • Added server region to the lobby screen
  • Removed Challenge Keys from Challenge Mode drop tables
  • Changed chance to get Challenge Keys from Alpha, Beta, and Omega Earth from random to guaranteed if you save the Earth
  • Increased Snack and Gig Reroll drops in Challenge Mode
  • 16 New Steam Achievements to chase after!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Volt Overdrive turning all shocking damage into lightning bolts for the duration of the overdrive
  • Fixed Nomad’s Orbital Strike counting towards shocking enemies for Revolt’s Disc Master goal
  • Fixed Nomad’s Auto Aim skill targeting Slime Scrap while they were in their puddle
  • Fixed Underminds being able to target Murmur while she was overdriving
  • Fixed a bug where you could auto-close the leaderboard notification if you skip the opening cinematic
  • Fixed Death Discs not behaving as expected with Nomad’s Auto Aim skill
  • Fixed projectiles triggering Murmur’s Flatfooted skill without needing to be flanking
  • Fixed Slime Barrel puddles applying the full DoT even if the player leaves the puddle
  • Fixed Growth Polyps not cleaning up immediately after being destroyed
  • Fixed the Room Code button showing up when in matchmaking mode
  • Fixed a bug where the snack count at the end of the run would be wrong

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