General News

The Pistol Party-Up(date)


Say hello to multiplayer challenge runs, new mutators, new items… oh, and did we mention the pistols? There’s gonna be pistols.

Challenge Mode

Introducing Multiplayer Challenge Runs! 

  • Team-up with your friends to take on Superiors together to unlock cosmetic rewards!
  • One player launches a challenge lobby and can invite their friends. All players must have a challenge key.
  • Abandoning a multiplayer challenge run counts as a death.
  • [GALA] Leaderboards are broken into solo, duo, and trio. Placing on any will have the same rewards. Players are scored individually, so you don’t have to play with the same people every time to improve your score.

New Mutators

  • Scrapped (Challenge mode only) – Scraps move at 50% and aren’t worth any points
  • Critical Mass – Crits deal +45% damage, non-crits deal -35% damage
  • Allergic Reaction – Armor and Overshield depletes after 10 seconds of not dealing damage

New Content in the Hero Hit List!

Someone new has joined the Hero Hit List! Talk to the Bartender to start unlocking new Weapons and Items.

New Items

  • Gun Fu – Pistol damage is also increased by Melee Boost Kits
  • Pistolero – While a Pistol is equipped, move and reload faster and shoot with greater accuracy
  • Poppin’ Pistols – Your Pistols become grenades when you reload them
  • Pistol Whip – Melee does twice as much damage while a Pistol is equipped
  • Money Barrels – Loot Barrels give more cred. Stacks per player.

New Weapons 

  • Stinger – Explosive Pistols that fires heat-seeking projectiles
  • AUTO Pistol – Auto Pistol that locks onto targets
  • Energizer  – Scoped precision laser Pistol
  • Plasma Pistol – High capacity burst fire Pistol
  • Ranger Magnum – Heavy hitting, round reloaded Pistol

Power & Item Updates

Force Powers

  • Force Fields now change color when they are damaged
  • Force Fields now stop Mega Pustule lasers
  • All Force Fields now last 15 seconds
  • Force Platform – Platforms no longer damage themselves
  • Prep Time and Hunting Blind are now triggered by creating Force Platforms
  • Force Dash – Force Field spawned from dash now persists for 15 seconds or until broken

Volt Powers

  • Volt Dash now damages all objects, including cars, barrels, shield generators, and more!

Ice Hands

  • Adjusted angle for spawning Ice Sheets

Characters & Skills


  • Your last played character is now stored between sessions


  • New Skill: Home Mechanic – Create 1/2/3 Armor pickups when you return to the bar.
  • New Skill: Back to the Fight – Armor Pickups restore +1/2/3 Armor and grants +1/2/3 Overdrive Charge
  • Removed In Your Face II and Hardhead II
  • Moved around some skills


  • New Skill: Surprise Attack – Gain +5/10/15% bonus damage for 2 seconds after creating a hologram.
  • New Skill: Refreshed – Dashing within 2 seconds of taking damage grants +1/2/3% Overdrive charge.
  • Quick Recovery
  • Combined Quick Recovery I and Quick Recovery II into a single skill
    – Increased armor restored from 10/20/30% of damage to 20/35/50% of damage
    – Removed Right Behind You II
  • After Image now creates a Hologram if you dash-strike backwards
  • Moved around some skills

Weapon Updates

Grenade Launcher

  • Changed from automatic firing to semi-automatic

Other Updates

  • Mega Pustule lasers are more accurate
  • Updated Revolt’s visuals during the storm mission to better communicate his state
  • HUD Curve can now be disabled via gameplay settings
  • Gamepad Haptic Feedback can now be disabled via gameplay settings
  • Unlocking Avalanche now requires any six Ice Spike powers, rather than a specific subset
  • Brittle Bones mutator changed from increasing susceptibility to fall damage to increasing damage from falling.
  • Reduced the amount of health from Health Boost Kits from 15 to 10 Max Health.
  • Continuous reload weapons (such as shotguns) now better match the reloading animations to the duration of the reload.
  • Players no longer take damage while dissolving out from the teleporter
  • Players now auto-revive when the earth is saved

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Mega Pustule lasers going through the environment
  • Fixed Fire Resistant Armor counting as a Fire power
  • Fixed Force Jump sometimes creating platforms on top of each other
  • Fixed Ice Hands getting stuck on objects, preventing it from applying damage
  • Fixed Ice Hands not scaling with Power Damage scale
  • Fixed Overshield not visually resetting between runs

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