General News

Head in a Jar Update


Why do they call him Jarhead? It’s a mystery… wait, no it isn’t!
This month we have the brand new Jarhead mission type, a Revolt refresh, and a handful of other updates and bug fixes:

New Mission: Jarhead!

A C-list Superior needs more juice to fuel his psychic powers and he’s picked you to get it for him! Can you survive the onslaught?

Revolt Updates

Get amped! Revolt is feeling the spark after some rebalancing. This fight is more electrifying than ever!

  • Decreased the damage of Revolt’s Lightning Orbs from 50 to 20 per orb
  • Increased the number of Lightning Orbs Revolt fires in subsequent phases
  • Revolt is now invulnerable when he electrifies the environment
  • Revolt’s Storm attack now summons henchmen to his aid

Investigate Anomalies Update

  • Number of active polyps on each pustule reduced to the number of players
  • Polyps now play a tell before they fire
  • Polyps fire in short bursts that scale with the current threat level
  • Polyp now properly target and damage turrets
  • Projectiles can now be shot down
  • Increased projectile damage radius and speed
  • Reduced mega pustule laser tracking speed

Other Updates

  • Bashing weapon melee animations and functionality updated
  • Taught the bartender some manners
  • Added Force Fields to the Hero Dome to protect Brute Force’s fans
  • Plasma Shotgun Updates
    • Lowered Pellet count from 10 to 8
    • Increased damage per pellet from 8 to 9
    • Increased critical damage from 1.9x to 2.1x
  • Increased Tripleshot damage per pellet from 17 to 21
  • Increased Auto Shotgun damage per pellet from 19 to 32 
  • Increased XP for Growth, Revolt, Overmind, and Superior Team-Up Boss fights
  • Added a gig reset timer to the Lobby

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Gigs related to killing bosses not awarding the expected XP
  • Fixed Zap Hands breaking force fields
  • Fixed Overmind’s shield staying up when Underminds were killed with Death Discs

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