General News

Pure Chaos Update


New Earth: Chaos

Get ready for a new challenge… Chaos Earth is here! We’re extending the adrenaline rush with a new 12 mission run that will put your skills to the test. Face the unknown with completely random boss fights that’ll keep you on your toes, and a brand-new Chaos mutator to spice up the difficulty, and the rewards.

New Mutator: Chaos

  • Enemy health and damage +100%. Better Snacks and +1 Snack Drop.

Save Omega Earth to unlock the madness that awaits on Chaos Earth!

Other Updates

  • Duo Icon improvements
  • Growth VFX improvements
  • Storm lighting improvements
  • Volt Dash and Xeno Cycle no longer blow-up barrels (except for party barrels)
  • Overmind attacks now scale better per player count

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed players dying after killing Revolt
  • Fixed Revolt occasionally dying automatically when performing certain attacks
  • Fixed bosses being slowed by Renegade’s Demoralizer Skill
  • Fixed gamepad getting into a bad state when navigating while matchmaking
  • Fixed a bug caused by automatic reloading and the Poppin’ Pistols item
  • Fixed some explosives bouncing off of The Growth’s pustules
  • Fixed Pustule anomalies being immune to Lightning

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