General News

v1.0 Update


The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived – Version 1.0 is here! This update marks the end of Early Access and the official full release of Superior: Vengeance.

We’ve packed a lot into this update, including a new playable character, new boss, new powers, our first Battlebook, enhanced audio, full localization in six languages, and more!

Here’s what’s new:

New Character: Renegade

Meet Renegade, Superior: Vengeance’s second Bruiser! Like Ronin, Renegade relies heavily on getting up close and fortifying his armor. Unlike Ronin, Renegade sports an affinity for shotguns and getting under people’s skin. Utilize Renegade’s unique Taunt skills to keep high damage targets off of your allies and control the flow of the fight!

New Feature: Battlebook 1

Introducing the Battlebook – an all new way to unlock new cosmetics, snacks, and characters! Battlebook items are unlocked via Battlebook Credits – a new in-game currency which is earned 1:1 with XP. Whether you’re at the Max Level or still on the climb, you’ll continue to rack up Battlebook Credits as long as you have items left to unlock in your Battlebook. 

New Boss Fight: Smash & Dash

Smash and Dash are a pair of muscle bound brothers infected by the Xeno parasite who are ready to give you a serious workout! Their routine includes dodging high velocity barb wire, avoiding extra sharp cutlery, and generally running for your life! Fight Smash and Dash on Beta Earth. 

New Powers: Duos

10 New Duo Superpowers are now available to unlock via the Hero Hit List! These powers utilize the strengths of two different power families and will only show up when a player has invested in both of them. Duos are unlocked by facing Smash and Dash. Learn more about Duos here. 

Audio Updates

Fighting Superiors has never sounded so good! This update features a fresh audio mix, updated weapon sfx, and more!

Growth Fight Updates

They say you can’t teach an Old Growth new tricks. Yeah, we’ll see about that. The Growth is more dangerous than ever with new friends and attacks to keep you on your toes!

  • Improved laser tracking and made it more reliably blocked by terrain
  • Greatly increased the number and variety of enemies that spawn
  • Improved the Growth’s animations and effects
  • Improved feedback on the Growth’s Pustules’ health
  • Pustules and Polyps drop ammo when destroyed
  • And more!

Other Boss Updates

  • Reduced the number of projectiles Overmind fires on each attack
  • Reduced Wind-Up’s health when he appears as the first boss
  • Destroying Wind-Up’s mines will deal more damage to enemies
  • Bosses will now trample turrets

Weapon Updates

  • Added the Sweeper – Tier 2 wide spread shotgun with bullet penetration
  • Plasma Rifle Damage increased from 13 to 15
  • Plasma Repeater Damage increased from 9.5 to 11
  • Ranger Magnum Damage increased from 60 to 70
  • Ranger Magnum Critical multiplier increased from 1.45 to 1.6
  • LMG, Plasma Repeater, and Kingbird damage falloff greatly increased

Other Updates

  • Full localization for French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Korean 
  • Ronin Updates
    • Beatdown changed from restoring Armor on Close Kill to restoring Armor on damage
    • Armor Efficiency bonus Max Armor increased from 1/2/3 to 2/3/5
    • Back To The Fight now allows the player to collect Armor Pickups even if they are at Max Armor
    • Back To The Fight armor and overdrive boost increased from +1/2/3 to +2/3/5
    • Blade Master no longer resets bonus when using Superweapons
  • Overhauled superpower RNG, allowing for more build flexibility 
  • Players now have a window of opportunity to dodge Slime Scrap’s Slime spray
  • Slime Scrap no longer vomit right after landing from a jump.
  • Invader damage now scales based on the depth of the run.
  • Updated Lobby navigation UI
  • Added a new Aiming Sensitivity scalar to the Settings Menu
  • Removed cooldown penalty for stopping a Self-Revive
  • Stopping a Self-Revive will now remove a portion of the remaining bleedout time
  • Allergic Reaction time between draining armor increased from 1 second to 10 seconds
  • Picking up a duplicate power now gives the player 30 cred
  • Removed Fire Resistant Armor
  • Storm Mission fixes
    • Revolt now properly appears when the encounter escalates
    • Rebalanced the rate of storm appearance as well as reinforcements.
    • Overall improvements to storm collision and positioning.
    • Storm only stuns when it detonates at the end of its cycle.
    • The Storm is formatted to fit bunker better

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Charge Weapons audio and vibration persisting if you drop the weapon mid charge
  • Fixed Muzzle flash being visible while scoped
  • Fixed Force Jump causing players to get stuck in terrain or placed out of bounds
  • Fixed Force Jump not always spawning Force Platforms appropriately when moving at high speeds
  • Fixed Force Dash shield jittering when the player has high latency
  • Fixed Scraps performing melee attacks on downed players
  • Fixed flying enemies being immune to stun
  • Fixed a condition that was limiting damage dealt to Revolt
  • Fixed Xeno Jump ignoring Party Barrels, will not destroy other hazardous barrels
  • Fixed Weapon Capacity Kit not applying its magazine bonus when purchased
  • Fixed Headshots failing to cancel their attacks properly when stunned
  • Fixed Headshots tracking cloaked enemies
  • Fixed a bug where occasionally the player would lose the ability to self-revive

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