General News

Mega Melee & More Update


We have a HUGE update for you today, so let’s get right to business!


  • New Content!
    • 3 new Melee weapons with all new attacks! 
    • 5 new items!
      • Beatdown – Melee damage against the same target increases damage. Stacks up to 5 times.
      • Plasma Blades – Your Melee applies a plasma burn, dealing damage per second. Scales with melee weapon damage.
      • Slimy Touch – Your melee deals up to 100% more damage when you are Slimed. Scales with Slime amount.
      • Puncture – Melee kills on Exploders cause an instant detonation that does not damage you.
      • Off Menu – Reroll this store, then gain 3 additional rerolls. Rerolls work for the Juice Injector, Weapon Depot, and Upgrade Station.
    • New Boss Fight! Double Trouble??
    • 2 New Loot Drops – Reroll and Bag of Cred
  • After defeating Revolt, “The Path to Growth” is available from the first time you enter the bar on the next run
  • Wind-Up’s been taught some new tricks!
    • 98% less likely to go braindead!
    • Even more toys!
    • More aggressively chases after players, no matter how safe they think they are!
  • All 3, 4, and 5 tier weapons rebalanced 
  • Removed Covering Fire item
  • Life Insurance cost reduced to 45 cred
  • Hench Flunkies now shoot projectiles like their Trooper counterparts
  • Improved loot drop UI by allowing players to see both options right away
  • Added more opportunities for players to pick upgrades and customize their builds!
  • Reduced the time it takes to clear the Dead Super objective
  • Tons of additional tweaks and balancing we couldn’t possibly cover in one post!

Power Updates

Previously, we had been very strict about when players got certain powers, leading to somewhat stagnant builds over multiple runs. With this update, we are setting ourselves up for more build diversity by changing when we offer powers and tweaking existing ones.

  • Jump, Melee, and Dash powers are only guaranteed in the first Bar. After that, they are mixed in with the other augments, letting you pick and choose when you want to invest in new active powers, or double down on augments!
  • Powers that improve Xenos (such as Frenzied Xenos) now require you to have a source of Xenos before they can be acquired
  • Armor Eater now requires the player to get Enhanced Metabolism before it can be acquired
  • Hot Burn has been temporarily removed and will return in the future
  • Flare Up has been reworked and now causes Lava puddles to deal more damage over their lifetime
  • Wildfires has been updated to propagate on Burn applications and affect a greater radius of enemies.
  • Fork has been reworked and now causes Volt Disks to split after their first bounce.

Melee Improvements

Melee was always intended to be a primary pillar of Superior’s combat system, but it felt lacking compared to power and gunplay. This update aims to increase the depth of the melee system as well as make it a first class feature that benefits all characters.

Key Updates

  • Dash Strike: Performing a melee at the end of a dash with performing a dash strike that propels you forward and damages enemies in your path. 
  • Jump Strike: Performing a melee at the height of a jump will launch you up with a backflip, allowing you to get to greater height even without a Jump Power.
  • Light Melee 3 Hit Combo:  Performing 3 subsequent light melee attacks ends in a finisher move that deals bonus damage.
  • Light Melee Magnetism: Light melee brings you into range of nearby enemies, ensuring your strikes hit their mark!
  • Hit Frames: Enemies damaged by melee are momentarily stunned, preventing them from slapping back.
  • Invincibility Frames: While performing melee, take reduced damage from other enemies, letting you stay in the fight!

New Feature: Gig Rerolls

Gig Rerolls can now be randomly obtained when completing regular runs. Gig Rerolls can be used to replace your current daily gigs, whether they are completed or not, giving you new targets to chase after for your next run!

Steam Updates

  • New local Solo Mode!
    • Fastest way to play, no need to wait for match making or a game server to spin up! Great option if you have spotty internet or high latency.
    • Balanced for a fun and challenging solo experience. Progress in solo is saved, so you can take your favorite character right into co-op with your friends!
    • Go at your own pace and pause the game if you need to take a break. 
  • Added first round of Steam Achievements, with more to come in future updates!
  • Steam players no longer compete against other players for cosmetics. Beat the challenge’s score and get rewards!

Characters & Skills


The early levels of the characters are super important to introducing players to the world of Superior. However, we felt that the early game skill trees didn’t offer new players enough ways to get over some early hurdles. With that in mind, the trees were rearranged and organized to offer more exciting decisions throughout the whole tree, giving players more build options from start to finish.

  • New Generic Skill: Self-Reliant – Start the run with 1 Self-Revive. Requires character Overdrive skill
  • New Generic Skill: Luck of the Draw – Start every run with 3 store Rerolls. Works with the Juice Injector, Weapon Depot, and Upgrade Station in the bar. Requires Booster Lottery skill.
  • Cred Infusion moved to the early portion of the tree and reduced to one level. Requires character’s second skill.
  • Booster skills (such as Black Market Perks) are moved earlier in the tree and are optional.
  • Reduced the lag when unlocking skills
  • The player can now right click a skill to refund a single skill point from that skill.


Ronin is VERY fun, but his Overshield mechanics make him a little too powerful of a force to be reckoned with. Moving forward, Ronin will be getting tweaks to bring his survivability and damage more inline with Nomad and Murmur. The first change for this involves tweaking Kinetic Energy.

  • Swapped the position of Kinetic Energy and Overshield Burst
  • Changed Kinetic Energy to “Energizing Kills gives +3 Overshield for 3 seconds after performing an empowered melee, jump, or dash”
  • Grandslam now reduces damage for each enemy it passes through


Nomad is dear to our hearts, but her skill tree decisions sometimes felt very lacking. Self-Revives offer a unique avenue for survivability, but by the final boss of a run she was often able to have more than she knew what to do with. With this update, we want to make her builds feel more intentional and give Nomad mains a more even experience over the course of the run.

  • New skill: Extended Mag – +10/20/30% magazine capacity on all weapons.
  • New skill: One in the Chamber – Crits have a 50/75/100% chance to add +1 ammo to your active weapon’s magazine. 
  • New skill: Focus – While aiming, crits deal +15/25/35% bonus damage, non-crits deal -50% damage.
  • New skill: Eyes in the Sky – While aiming, shooting at downed allies below you uses a self-revive on them. Start the run with +2 self-revives.
  • Changed Not Today to “If you have less than 1/2/3 self-revives when you return to the bar, gain +1 self-revive”.
  • Changed Personal Pharmacy to “Whenever you use a self revives, there is a 10/20/25% chance that it is not consumed”.
  • Changed Crit Laser  to “Orbital Laser has a 25/50/75% chance to Crit, and refreshes its duration if the target dies.”
  • Increased Critical Damage I crit bonus from 5/10/15% to 10/20/30%
  • Rearranged many skills on the tree. 
  • Removed Crit Cred, Critical Damage II, Not Today II, and Target Practice


  • Replaced Carbon Copy with Crazy Slots – “Your holograms spawn with a random weapon based on the current threat level”

Bug Fixes

  • Several improvements to player movement networking to reduce stutters when combining several mobility powers
    Improved AI in many ways
  • Improved blind firing with charge weapons from cover
  • Improved weapons clearing cover objects when firing from behind cover
  • Overmind now ragdolls on death
  • Cinematics now properly play on Steamdeck
  • Performance optimization across all environments
  • Fire Dash no longer cancels Fire Overdrive
  • Bosses are now susceptible to chill
  • Fixed the appearance of Super Weapons in the juice injector
  • Fixed pustules being immune to burn and Xeno Jump damage
  • Fixed a bug where you could be knocked down immediately after being revived
  • Fixed jitter when leaning out of high cover
  • Fixed a bug where the “Kill the Growth without any team downs” was not appearing to complete
  • Fixed Hypothermia sometimes not applying to enemies
  • Fixed Grenades from the Grenade Launcher bouncing off of the Shield Generator
  • Fixed Death Discs not damaging Brute Force rockets
  • Fixed various effects persisting after the enemy is killed
  • Fixed Xenos shooting when there was nothing to shoot
  • Fixed the health and armor bars getting stuck as completely white
  • Fixed Leaderboard XP Boost mutator not working
  • And many many more!

Whew! Told you it was a big one.

Let us know what you think about these updates in our Discord!