General News

The Outta This World Update


Get ready to take the fight to outer space as we unveil a brand new map and more! Here’s what’s new:

New Map: Offworld

  • Blast off to a mysterious alien planet and its abandoned space colony to thwart Revolt’s plans to dominate Beta Earth!

Power & Item Updates


  • New Loot UI and FX!

Volt Powers

  • Enemies that are Shocked gain a 0.5s immunity window before they can be Shocked again
  • Reduced how often Shock deals damage
  • Shock no longer stuns bosses
  • Volt Dash now cancels when you interact
  • Volt Dash no longer makes you invisible to enemies
  • You can now always dash out of Volt Jump

Xeno Powers

  • Reduced the drop chance of Gruesome Meal from 15% to 3%

Ice Powers

  • New Superweapon: Ice Hands – Chill enemies by shooting cold air from your palms!


  • Explosive Resistant Armor – Split into two items, Explosive Resistant Fabric and Explosive Resistant Vest 
  • Relentless – Reduced bonus per stack from 10% to 4%. Fixed bug that would cause stacks to fail to count.

Weapon Updates

New Weapons 

  • Commando SMG – Tier 2 automatic weapon
  • Buzzkill – Tier 6 Automatic Weapon
  • T.H.U.D. – Tier 6 Shotgun
  • Kingbird – Tier 6 Precision Weapon

Commander Pistol Tweaks

  • Commander’s Pistol hip fire accuracy penalty increased
  • Commander’s Pistol aim error after firing multiple shots increased
  • Commander’s Pistol magazine capacity reduced from 15 to 12


  • Replaced references to Deployer with Turret
  • Removed Superior DMR, Superior Shotgun, and Superior SMG

Characters & Skills


  • Beatdown armor bonus changed from flat 300 to +200% Max Armor
  • Beatdown armor regen bonus on close kill lowered from 25 to 10
  • Beatdown armor generated from the initial activation no longer carries over after the Overdrive has ended
  • Blade Master skill no longer cancels when firing a Deployer. 
  • Blade Master bonus damage cap reduced from 150% to 90%.


  • Ricochet now staggers enemies
  • One In the Chamber now effects Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers
  • Improved Orbital Laser tracking in Bunker and other close quarters areas
  • Enemy shield weak points are now targetable by Auto Aim


  • Replaced starting Pistol with SMG
  • Replaced upgraded Peacemaker with Commando SMG
  • Removed Juiced Holograms
  • New Skill: Distraction – Gain +10% Flank damage and +10% damage reduction for each hologram you have active. 
  • Moved some skills

Other Updates

  • Reduced the chance for Gig Rerolls to drop
  • Updated the HUD’s visuals
  • Item and Power kiosks now expand to show more items and powers
  • Improved ally bleedout UI visuals
  • Improved the visuals of snack lunch boxes
  • Snacks that you collect mid-run are now accounted for on the end of mission wrap-up
  • Challenge runs now record your score if you abandon the run
  • Overmind will now spawn Slime Scrap
  • The dash melee attack now is activated by tapping dash during a melee attack (previously was dash and then melee).
  • Loot drops will now avoid spawning on top of cars and other game props
  • Turrets now scan a full 360 degrees enabling them to attack players approaching from any direction
  • Reworks to scramble to prevent trying climbing up onto invalid geometry
  • General performance improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a Bug where multiple XP multipliers would not always stack as expected
  • Fixed many bugs related to tallying total XP on the mission wrap-up
  • Improved AI aggression and tracking of players, especially in dead super missions
  • Fixed a Bug where loot drops and pickups at the bar were not always spawning
  • Fixed Hero Hit List goals persisting on the HUD
  • Fixed some multiplayer replication issues that caused teammates data to appear incorrect
  • Fixed multiplayer issue where sometimes players could get stuck on a black screen in Quick Play
  • Fixed cinematics to have a smoother transition
  • Fixed issue where Wind-Up might never wake up in the duo boss fight
  • Fix issue in social menu that was causing your camera to lock after teleporting
  • Fixed not being able to refund a skill that is unlocking a skill with multiple dependencies
  • Fixed Gig Rerolls not immediately applying to the account
  • Fixed issues related to activating melee while swapping weapons which would cause the player to be stuck facing a direction until melee was reactivated
  • Fixed charge weapons not being correctly interrupted by melee attacks which led to several issues
  • Fixed issue with AI dodges that would sometimes desync, causing the AI to snap into the wrong location
  • Fixed challenge runs that limit power families excluding powers that were unlocked in the hero hit list
  • More changes to resolve the issue of Overmind sometimes dropping floating loot out in unreachable areas
  • Fixed Turrets not being able to properly target and hit Revolt
  • General Improvements to Turret targeting and ability to hit enemies at distance
  • Turrets will properly use weapon powers
  • Undermind’s Fireballs are blocked properly by Force Shields
  • Windup will now properly respond to players moving nearby
  • Fixed enemies spawning in unreachable areas on Bunker

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