Head in a Jar Update

Why do they call him Jarhead? It’s a mystery… wait, no it isn’t! This month we have the brand new Jarhead mission type, a Revolt refresh, and a handful of other updates and bug fixes: New Mission: Jarhead! A C-list Superior needs more juice to fuel his psychic powers and he’s picked you to get Head in a Jar Update

The Truly Infamous Update

Infamy Updates Unlock 10 new skills in the skill tree when you infamy! Diversify your builds with discounted weapons, more snack space, extra rerolls, and more! New Infamy Skills In addition, the Infamy badge has been simplified to better communicate your current infamy level! Bashing Melee Weapons! Utilize the destructive power of new Bashing type The Truly Infamous Update

The Pistol Party-Up(date)

Say hello to multiplayer challenge runs, new mutators, new items… oh, and did we mention the pistols? There’s gonna be pistols. Challenge Mode Introducing Multiplayer Challenge Runs!  New Mutators New Content in the Hero Hit List! Someone new has joined the Hero Hit List! Talk to the Bartender to start unlocking new Weapons and Items. The Pistol Party-Up(date)

The Outta This World Update

Get ready to take the fight to outer space as we unveil a brand new map and more! Here’s what’s new: New Map: Offworld Power & Item Updates General Volt Powers Xeno Powers Ice Powers Items Weapon Updates New Weapons  Commander Pistol Tweaks Other Characters & Skills Ronin Nomad Murmur Other Updates Bug Fixes Let The Outta This World Update

Mega Melee & More Update

We have a HUGE update for you today, so let’s get right to business! Gameplay Power Updates Previously, we had been very strict about when players got certain powers, leading to somewhat stagnant builds over multiple runs. With this update, we are setting ourselves up for more build diversity by changing when we offer powers Mega Melee & More Update

Armor Up…date

The Bartender’s gotten his hands on some fancy new Armor upgrades! They’re available now from the item kiosk in the bar: These should be useful as you take on Superior’s biggest challenges. As always,  join our Discord  to share your feedback, submit a bug report, or chat with us about the game.

Wind-Up’s Workshop Update

Happy new year! Hope you’re looking forward to 2023 as much as we are. Today, we’ve got an important new tool to add to your arsenal: a big selection of deployable turrets! How many, you ask? We’ve got: We’ve also got new mods in the weapons shop for them: Let us know how these are Wind-Up’s Workshop Update

The Growth Update

A new alternate Earth has been found… and with it, the most challenging superhero yet! Starting today, there’s a brand-new Earth to explore with new bosses, new powers, and new environments. Making it to The Growth will be one challenge, and taking him down will be another. We’re also raising the level cap to level The Growth Update

Superior launches with the Rise of Revolt

Gameplay Challenges New Feature: Branching Paths New Feature: Snacks Characters General Ronin While we enjoyed the power fantasy of Ronin, his damage potential far outclassed his comrades by a staggering amount. We reduced the damage bonuses from many of his damage oriented skills to bring him more in line with Murmur and Nomad. His early Superior launches with the Rise of Revolt